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RampWEB Team

Kathleen Wahlbin, Principal, Managing Director

Kathleen founded RampWEB in 2003 to provide accessibility through innovative uses of technology and has more than 10 years experience consulting with clients using technology for business improvement. Her teams have won awards for design and implementation of accessible Web sites from Knowbility's Accessible Internet Rally (AIR).

Kathleen uses accessibility as a cornerstone to effect change. She has been driven by the need for organizations to both serve their customers and comply with the growing body of law requiring accessibility for technology.

Kathleen works extensively throughout North America to help senior management and other operational groups develop skills to meet evolving business demands for accessibility. She helps organizations build management leadership, team development, customer service, lateral thinking, problem solving and communication.

Rely on our Strength

Whether you're a new company looking for an accessible Web site or an established corporation looking to comply with accessibility standards, you can rely on us for innovation, accountability and results!