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Dr. Kay Lewis, Ph.D.

Kay Lewis, Ph.D. specializes in designing and conducting User Testing Studies that make electronic information accessible to all users. These studies focus on how information is accessed and further; how to assist individuals, including those with disabilities, gain improved access to electronic information.

Kay’s work allows all users and those with accessibility challenges and/or disabilities to have a more satisfactory and successful experience with technology resources. Accessibility and usability are two key qualities of a great website and/or software application. They work well together to ensure that the design elements and organization of a website or software application are effective for all intended users whether or not they have a disability.

With a focus on usability, Kay designs solutions that maximize the user’s ability to easily navigate through a website or application to find the information desired. Additionally, Kay’s work helps users have a positive experience with the website or application. Usability affects all users, and poor accessibility would prevent many users from using an organizations website or application at all.

Kay is a leading researcher at the University of Texas at Austin’s Accessibility Institute and supervises all aspects of the institute’s accessibility and usability lab. This typically involves consultations and evaluations of websites and software applications with regard to accessibility.

Kay received her doctorate in educational psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. Trained as a school psychologist, Kay began her career in the public school system conducting educational and behavioral evaluations of students. Her collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to address student needs included monitoring compliance with state and federal laws with regard to relevant disability law.

After 8 years working with school systems, Kay has taken her skills in evaluation and her experience working with those with disabilities to the field of usability and accessibility.

Currently, Kay is a member of the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA), the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the Special Interest Group of Computer Human Interaction (SigCHI), and the Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing (SigACCESS).

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