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Ted McCarthy

Ted McCarthy has over 14 years experience working in the sales and marketing business arena. He helps Executives and Managers identify and implement action plans to achieve accessibility business priorities within short timeframes. His work brings together high stakes communications, practical problem solving, and accountability.

Trained as a behavior specialist (Degreed in the Majors of Sociology and Psychology), Ted moved into the sales and marketing field in 1990 to help a major technology company manage industry changes driven by the quest for new markets and revenue. During that time, his training in sales and marketing development helped to increase individual sales between 25-200%, reduced staff turnover by 25% and over three years, saved in excess of $200,000 through more efficient processes. Ted designed sales methods which improved cross-selling of products by 100% within two years.

Ted has been driven by the need for organizations to both serve their customers and be compliant to the growing body of law requiring accessibility for technology. Ted works to help the growing number of people with limitations either physical or technological in the quest for information requiring accessibility from technology.

To meet these needs, Ted co-founded RampWEB to provide accessibility through innovative uses of technology in 2003. Since that time, RampWEB Teams have won awards for design and implementation of accessible web sites from the Austin Internet Rally (AIR Austin) and Knowbility.

Ted has worked extensively throughout the US and South Pacific to help senior management and other operational groups develop skills to meet evolving business demands, covering management leadership, team development, customer service, lateral thinking, problem solving and communication/conflict. He has also helped architect responsive, cohesive strategies for corporate learning. Ted has worked with organizations such as Motorola, DIGITAL, Compaq, HP, SBC, Dell, En Pointe Technologies, Netserv, ACTAR Computers and the American Division of Wella.

Ted obtained his University degree in 1990, and has completed graduate level courses on Project Management, Leadership and Communication. He was Dean of the National Speaker's Associate Speaker's School in 1999, and is an award winning Toastmaster. He co-founded RampWEB in 2003 to assist Federal, State and Commercial enterprises achieve accessibility standards.


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