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Web Accessibility Certification

RampWEB is the industry leader in web accessibility and is one of the most trusted names in accessibility certification. We will ensure that your web site will meet all current US Section 508 certification guidelines through design, consultation and implementation of the latest web accessibility standards.

Why Certify for Web Accessibility?

  • Reach a $175 billion market of Web users with disabilities
  • Cater to 76 million baby boomers experiencing normal vision change make clear
  • Improve user friendliness for all users
  • Boost search engine placement
  • Improve translation by language translation sites
  • Ensure that your site can be viewed properly on PDAs, cell phone, car displays, and other devices
  • Avoid increasingly common, expensive lawsuits and avoid expensive legal action

Criteria for Certification

  • Comply with Section 508 standards of web accessibility to the handicapped
  • A user with disabilities should be able to:
    • Access all information and images
    • Complete common tasks such as buying merchandise, filling out registration form, downloading information, etc
    • Access all media, applets, and flash

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