RampWEB, a web and software accessibility company

Web Accessibility Evaluations

Do you need to know if your web site is handicap accessible or compliant with current accessibility guidelines? Our expert web accessibility evaluation and consulting will provide you the information you need to understand what the problems are and provide you specific recommendations on how to improve the accessibility your site.

Web Accessibility Compliance Process

Our internationally recognized experts will test your Web site or Web application for compliance to U.S. Section 508 or W3C WCAG guidelines. In additional to the manual testing, RampWEB utilizes a number of the top accessibility tools and assistive technology including:

  • Screen readers such as JAWS and HomePage Reader
  • Screen magnifiers such as MAGic and ZoomText
  • Lynx
  • RampWEB 508 toolbar
  • CSS and JavaScript analyzers
  • W3C HTML validators

Web Accessibility Evaluation Report

The web accessibility evaluation is a page-by-page analysis of the Web site. You will receive a easy to understand written report for both managers and technical staff that:

  • Tells you where and what is not in compliance with web accessibility standards
  • Explains the web accessibility guidelines and gives you specific code examples to illustrate best practices for complying with the accessibility standards
  • Offers specific recommendations on how to improve or fix the accessibility issues with screen shots and code snippets
  • Describes the accessibility features of the Web site

RampWEB can also assist you in making the necessary changes to your Web site. Find out more about our accessible web development.

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