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Accessibility Training

RampWEB offers custom hands-on accessibility training by internationally recognized accessibility experts to suit the needs of your company. Whether you are looking for Section 508, WCAG 1.0, or WCAG 2.0 accessibility training, we have the exact accessibility training class you are looking for.

Classes we offer:

Accessibility Training Overview

  1. RampWEB provides Keynote Speakers and Facilitators for your organization to discuss benefits and the challenges around Web accessibility.
  2. RampWEB customizes accessibility training for your Executive Management Team.

Web Accessibility Training

The Web accessibility training is a hands-on workshop that can be tailored to suit your experience level. Classes range from a 2 hour training session to an all day accessibility workshop.

Goals and Objectives

  • Understand the issues of web accessibility and identify the benefits of accessible web design
  • Identify potential problems in terms of accessibility
  • Learn to use specific HTML coding techniques to create accessible web sites
  • Learn how to evaluate web sites to ensure accessibility


While acknowledging and adapting to a wide variety of skill sets, this workshop is geared towards web developers and content creators. A basic understanding of HTML is recommended for maximum benefit of the attendees

Making PDFs Accessible

This hands-on seminar will be an overview to understanding the issues surrounding the accessibility of PDF documents and how to properly mark-up Adobe Portable Document Format pages with accessible code allowing PDFs to be used by assistive technology. Participants will practice techniques for creating and retrofitting accessible PDF documents (including forms).

Goals and Objectives

  • Understand the issues of with PDF accessibility
  • Identify potential problems in terms of PDF accessibility
  • Learn how to evaluate PDF to ensure accessibility
  • Learn how to create an accessible PDF from Excel, Word and other common documents
  • Understand how to make scanned documents accessible
  • Publish PDF document to the Web


Attendees should have some familiarity with Acrobat and/or PDF creation.

Captioning Video

Learn what good captioning is all about and how to use Magpie to synchronize captions for video clips.

Goals and Objectives

  • Understand the accessibility challenges with video
  • Learn the Laws & Standards for video captioning
  • Learn how to create accessible video
  • Understand how to publish video to the Web


Attendees should have a basic understand of HTML and video software (QuickTime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer).

Accessibility Training Testimonial

On May 12th and 13th, 2005, West Chester University hosted a higher education conference titled Resources for the Electronic Classroom: A Faculty-Student Partnership (RECAP 2005). The purpose of this two-day conference was to offer West Chester University and other State System of Higher Education faculty the opportunity to improve and enhance the classroom learning environment through integrating technology into their curriculum. This was accomplished through demonstrations and hands-on workshops using a variety of new technologies. This conference included lectures and demonstrations of new educational technology by faculty and guest speakers.

A highlighted and a very popular session was the “Keynote speakers this year Dr. John M. Slatin and Kathleen Wahlbin”. They collaboratively presented to a lecture hall full of interested faculty and staff members on legal and moral obligation to make education accessible to people with disabilities.

In the traditional paper and ink university, making accommodations is typically reactive and hidden process. In today’s hybrid ink-and-bits world, honoring the right of students with disabilities to learn alongside their peers calls for a proactive approach. This session was well attended and generated numerous positive responses with a number of valuable discussions during the question and answer session.

“Over 125 people registered for RECAP 2005.”

Adel Barimani, Executive Director Information Technology/Academic Computing
West Chester University of Pennsylvania