RampWEB, a web and software accessibility company

Case Studies

Accessibility Training

RampWEB designed and delivered a custom-tailored training class for one of the largest search engine companies.  In less than two days, RampWEB trained 35 employees who had little or no experience in Web accessibility. The class was based on the technical requirements for both Section 508 and W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Participants scored 95% on an accessibility test and had a clear understanding of what is required for 508 compliance and usability for people with disabilities.

Accessible Web Development

RampWEB redesigned a Web site for a large county in California to improve the user experience for the blind and visually impaired.  RampWEB addressed the needs of those users by allowing them to customize the appearance of the Web site. Users could select preferences for text size, menu location, contrast, and whether or not to show images.  This allowed the visually impaired to see the content, while making it easier for the blind to use the site with screen reader programs. RampWEB focused on user testing as a critical success factor.

Expert Evaluation

Facing the threat of losing a large government contract, a vendor called on RampWEB to evaluate their software product to ensure 508 compliance. After failing to rectify the compliance issue on their own, the vendor sought RampWEB’s evaluation services coupled with technical intervention on the accessibility structure, which enabled the vendor to demonstrate to their client a 180 degree turnaround. The vendor not only won the contract, they also praised RampWEB’ quality of work considering an abbreviated timeline.

Expert Witness

RampWEB was engaged by an accessibility legal advocacy group in litigation to serve as their expert witness. RampWEB evaluated a Web site to demonstrate that it did not comply with Section 508 regulations and was not accessible for the blind and visually impaired. After the case was settled, the defendant requested remediation services from RampWEB to make their Web site 508 compliant.