RampWEB, a web and software accessibility company

Accessibility Services for Greater Impact

Accessibility is more than just a law … it’s an opportunity.

  • Enter new markets including people with disabilities and the aging community
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Retain customers and enhance their online experience
  • Improve foreign language translations
  • Avoid expensive legal action
  • Increase search engine ratings

Mindshare’s RampWEB accessibility consulting services meet all of your Section 508 accessibility needs.

  • Accessibility Evaluations – Make sure your Web site meets Section 508, W3C WCAG, NFB, Bobby or other guidelines.
  • PDF Accessibility – PDFs must comply with Section 508, W3C WCAG, NFB and other guidelines too, and we can help.
  • Accessible Web Development – Have us design your Web site right … the first time!
  • Accessibility Training – Schedule a training class or seminar with us.
  • Web Accessibility Certification – Certify your site’s compliance.
  • Expert witness capabilities – Let us support your accessibility and compliance case in legal proceedings.
  • Development of Internal Accessibility Policy and Procedures –Develop effective policies to reduce future compliance costs and integrate accessible design practices into business processes. 

RampWEB assists government agencies and contractors along with multi-national corporations that serve audiences around the globe as well as American companies, agencies and universities that reach people with disabilities.

All of RampWEB accessibility consulting services meet best practices standards for Section 508 and W3C WCAG compliant Web site design and usability.