RampWEB, a web and software accessibility company

Adobe PDF Accessibility

Does your PDF need to be accessible or U.S. Section 508 compliant? Our expert PDF accessibility services will provide you the information you need to understand what the accessibility problems are and either provide you specific recommendations on how create your PDF documents according to W3C WCAG and US Section 508 guidelines.

PDF Accessibility Evaluation Report

The PDF accessibility evaluation is an analysis of the PDF document to ensure proper handicap accessibility. You will receive a easy to understand written report for both managers and technical staff that:

  • Tells you where and what is not in compliance with Section 508 accessibility standards
  • Explains the PDF accessibility and provides specific examples to illustrate best practices for complying with the accessibility standards
  • Offers specific recommendations on how to improve or fix the accessibility issues with screen shots
  • Certify the compliance of the PDF document

Accessible PDF Services

RampWEB can also take a PDF document and make it accessible for you. Typically our experts will start with the native document such as Word or Excel and convert this document into an accessible PDF document but we can also take an existing PDF document and make it accessible.