RampWEB, a web and software accessibility company

User Testing for both Web Accessibility and Usability

Even the best software tools are only able to catch an estimated 50% of a web site’s accessibility challenges. To better serve RampWEB clients, we have members of the Disabled and Accessibility Challenged Community provide web usability testing of your site for easy of use and accessibility compliance.

Web usability relates to design elements of your web site that affect the user's ability to easily understand and access your content. Your design choices affect the user's success, which affects their overall experience, good or bad, at your online place of business. Web accessibility is the goal of ensuring that people can more easily access and use a Web site as effectively as people who don’t have disabilities. That is, allow more people in different situations such as being visually disabled or being wirelessly connected to the Internet to be able to use a Web site.

We can help you analyze the usability and accessibility of your web site.

Web Usability Report

The user testing involves understanding who will visit your web site and if they can accomplish the common tasks on your Web site. People with disabilities should be able to complete tasks as effectively as people without disabilities.

RampWEB will conduct a usability analysis with typical people who would use your web application or visit your Web site. Participants will be asked to do typical tasks or common functions on the site. RampWEB will record if they were able to accomplish their task, how long it took them, and what the difficults were in accomplishing a specific task. RampWEB will work with you to define these typical tasks and identify the users you wish to test.

You will receive a easy to understand written report that will:

  • Summarize the tasks and the participant results
  • Tell you what the strengths and weakness are on your site
  • Identify specific problem areas and offer suggestions for improvement